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My mission is to bring awareness to the importance of mental health by selling products with the intent to bring peace of mind and serve as tangible sources of positive affirmations and self-awareness.

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My Story

"My anxiety comes and goes, but when it comes it definitely shows up in a big way. In an effort to combat some of the effects and occupy the many lanes in my brain I began creating jewelry pieces for a very special companion in my life. Surprisingly it became a therapeutic outlet to heal, reflect, and decompress. Lily Delilah aka My Emotional Support Animal aka My Bestie aka My Only Child, is my inspiration. She is my pride and joy. What started as a way to add some style and sparkle to her already gorgeous face became a relaxing experience that brings me great happiness and peace. And what do you know, pretty soon I began to receive requests from pet owners and non-pet owners alike. I can only create a piece when I am at my best. Meaning when I am calm, stress-free, and filled with gratitude for just being able to exist, overcome, and improve daily. HEALING IS A WHOLE MOOD!!! Thats what The Lily Collection is all about. I hope to share that energy with you all. Choose an affirmation piece or request a custom piece, once your package arrives, pour yourself a hot cup of butterfly Thai tea, light a candle and bring that whole mood to life. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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