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Information I know but you might not.

Search for the signs below in your children, family members, even your significant other. The earlier the diagnosis, the earlier treatment can begin, the less life is affected, and life changing opportunities missed.

Please don't take the "they'll get over it, just pray about it approach". Progress and resolution takes action.

I supposed I could have been an award-winning ballerina or world-renowned architect. Or even a professional boxer. I've desired all these things at one point or another in my life. Alas, fear and anxiety kept me from jumping into my dreams.

The cool thing is, once you know, you know. And when you know you GROW!!!

We can begin to make better decisions when we are informed. We can understand what our loved ones may be going through and experiencing. This ensures that you can do your part in watering flowers that have an uncontrollable fear of blooming (in front of other people that is...).

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