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Learn to be you and love yourself unapologetically.

Remember there is no filter for your personality and demeanor...learn ways to set your life up with the tools and approaches to be the best version of yourself.

The goal is to wake up loving you before swallowing, smoking, or snorting anything to make you feel like "yourself".

There are no words to describe that type of freedom...

Tackle the external demons then come back equipped to rescue your inner child and in turn you will begin to heal.

It's all UP from there. I know because I'm doing it. Every. Single. Day.

Heal the child. Heal the woman they say.

I tell six-year-old me, "I'm coming to get you girl!" And she knows it. She hears me breaking down the door, and she's able to calm down and stop kicking and screaming so much knowing she's finally being heard, and she knows that help is on the way.

She sees the light under the door (if you read my poem on page 6 of my book "A Sip of my Tea" detailing the day I was molested at age 6, you will understand the significance of the light under the door)

I can't wait to get into that room with her, hold her tight, let her know she is safe and that its okay to close her eyes. And finally put her to bed and set her free.

Until then I got work to do! Let's go!!!!

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